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3505 Cadillac Ave., Unit J-1
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Email: sales@swedm.com

Phone: 877-GO-SWEDM

Fax: 714-557-2959


   We meet the most demanding EDM specifications for a wide variety of  materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, tungsten-carbide, graphite as well as exotic metals such as titanium and molybdenum.

   Our climate controlled facility offers the latest in 5-axis EDM Machines, and can process components weighing from a few grams to over 4000 lbs and measuring up to 60" diameter. We cut parts up to 48" thick, angles to 30 degrees and corner radii less than 0.002". Our 19 EDM machines operate 24/7 as necessary to meet delivery requirements.

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36" Diameter by 19" Thick
 Turbine disc for Jet Engine
Honeycomb for the Aerospace Industry
Medical Parts
Special Gears
Extrusion Dies
Flexures for control of Micro-Wave emissions.
Prototype and Production Parts